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Soft Dread

The project need us to create an exhibition on the basis of one artist you choosed. The artist I chose, Louise Zhang, is an artist who specializes in using multiple colors and irregular shapes. Her work is mostly inspired by horror movies, so I named the set "Soft Dread". I experimented of using acrylic on my productions.

The exhibition guide book uses irregularly cut acrylic, with laser engraving for the title and the MOMA logo engraved on the back. the thickness of the acrylic is similar to the artist's unique sculptures, and the transparency gives the book a more high-end feel. The pages are loosely binded together with metal rings. The interior pages are also irregularly shaped , as Louise Zhang ' s paintings use a large number of irregular canvases.

IMG_1809 拷贝 2.png

Same as the cover, I have used acrylic for the ticket of the exhibition. The irregular shape and the engraved message and barcode are the unifying design . Orange and blue are Louise Zhang's favorite colors, and the transparent acrylic nicely reflects the features of the exhibition.

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