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More And Less

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The project was to design two very different books for the same article. "More agency" and "less agency" are two extreme design philosophies, the former is to design with the least amount of ideas and the latter is to design with the more the better.

IMG_1768 拷贝_edited.png
E2965F5C00E876CF049930D6A07F81D1 拷贝.png
IMG_1773 拷贝.png
IMG_1778(20220425-165158) 拷贝.png

The "position" of the title is a "changeable" word, so the design idea of following the "Less agency" is printed on the back cover.


"Observe from a fixed position" is an essay that discusses movement and stillness, change and fixation. From the core content of the article, I identified the key word as "contrast". In this "less agency" book, I compressed the design concept into one: all sentences and paragraphs about "change" are printed on separate pages from the text.

For this version of "More agency", I chose "observation" as the keyword. You can see that I used a lot of pupil and eye elements. The book uses spiral binding because one section of the text is about space exploration, and the book is spread out like the solar panels of a probe.


IMG_1830 拷贝.png
IMG_1789 拷贝.png
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