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Package Redesign

This is a food packaging redesign project. I chose one of my favorite cookies as the base. I treated this project as a mock business proposal, so you can see that I had four very different design directions.

鲸鱼素材 (20) 拷贝.jpg
06_Flat Square Box Mockup 拷贝 2.png

I extracted the most unique rounded corner element of this cookie as a design idea. And I use the layout to emphasized the cookie is with tasty fills. I designed a unique mascot for this brand, and enhanced the brand's memory point with this cute character.


02_Flat Square Box Mockup 拷贝 2.png
12-Box-Mockups-Secenes 拷贝.jpg

In these two designs I tried a more high-end design direction. By extracting the cookie flavors: vanilla, chocolate, matcha, and strawberry. These all have beautiful flowers and I turned them into decorative elements in the packaging.


鲸鱼素材 (25) 拷贝 2.jpg

In this design I used hand-drawn illustrations as the main body of the package. Since this cookie are popular with children in Japan, I thought it was necessary to design a unique package for this age group.

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